Monday, February 28, 2011

The Postman

If you think this is a remake of Italy's Il Postino, you are wrong (or America's remakes are MUCH worse than I thought).

It's is a BAD movie made from a GOOD book. That didn't stop me from watching it (again) the other night. Basically it's "Waterworld" but with mail instead of water.


Anywho, there are some nice satchels in the film. Unfortunately not a lot of great pictures of said satchels on the webs. take a gander at these:

Then J. Crew went and knocked it off* for $800 bones (some flesh too)

I kind of hope they make a waterworld bag.

*Please note, they call it "original" even though it is a recreation.


I just found a whole website devoted to "the way we carry things"

Right now they only make wallets, but I think they are lovely wallets. I think I have to get one of the hide & seek wallets.

With a Satchel, I currently carry two wallets (one with business stuff and checks and whatnot, the other with cash, ID and the stuff I need on the regulars), so maybe I will get the take out wallet. but all of their wallet are so loverly